You stare at the carcass of your dead relationship, to encounter a hollow emptiness that resonated with the silence of relief. All the reasons why you should’ve never given your heart out in the first place echoes in your mind like a painful memory.

But why can’t you feel the pain? Are the walls built so high that it’s incapable of registering emotions worth your time? Or maybe was it just another entity that you needed validation from at the end of the day? No motive. No surprises. Maybe you only needed attention and you did get it; only to be left starved at the touch of human contact.

And so the hours pass after that fatal verbal blow. Where all those cherished moments vanish into thin air just as fast as they fluttered in. The butterflies don’t exist anymore. All you’re left is with the promise that you lived up to the disappointment. You turned out to be the bad guy.

The heaviness in your heart starts to sink. You can feel now and you don’t like it. Every little memory lags on for an eternity and you know when the granite starts to crumble. Soon it’ll be dust and all that remains are the ashes of what once used to be yours.

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