Lonely World

We once found romance, hidden between the pages of

a secondhand book that, once smelled like love.

but today we’re stuck in an infinite

loop swiping right desperate

for automated emotions semantically

wrong for a language we do not understand.

We seek truth behind, those transient promises

that reek of an eternal lie, tired of drowning in the shadows for

someone who will never let you see the light.

And so we build our walls, stone by stone,

Until the day we realize

The walls that were meant to protect us,

Is the same which lock us from within.

But the warmth of lust that keeps the spark ablaze,

leaves the bed cold in the middle of the night,

cause at the end of the day

We’re all just losers in our lonely world,

kissing every toad we find and pray one turns into prince charming.


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